As previously stated, the MiniXP project is based upon Dietmar Stoelting's XPSP1 with full commandline and NTFS below 10 MB - a project that has come to be referred to as XPCLI on reboot.pro. Please refer to the original forum thread (here) for full details of the history and evolution of Dietmar's project. Dietmar actually posted two seperate file sets -

Although these are in effect two seperate projects, the Diskpart files are actually an extension of the first. I have tested both file sets, however I have not yet found it possible to build a working diskpart from the first set. I have also found the first set much more difficult to add third party tools to, due to the amount of missing dependencies and registry settings. I have consequently decided to use Dietmar's second file set as the core for MiniXP.

I remain optimistic that someone will be able to trace the individual components that Dietmar added to his first project to create the second - I will then do my best to recreate the MiniXP project from the smaller core. In the meantime, see here for a set of batch files and instructions if you want to create Dietmar's first set of files.

The MiniXP project is essentially a fork of the original file set posted by Dietmar. Various reboot.pro members have contributed to these projects, adding NTFS, FAT, CDFS and Mouse support. In Dietmar's absence Jacopo Lazzari (aka jaclaz,was_jaclaz and Wonko the Sane) has continued to experiment and develop the project.

Wonko the Sane firmly believes in using the smallest possible base as the core for his work. He therefore continues to experiment with the first file set - recently tracing the file dependencies for Regedit and Task Manager. Due to the modular approach he has adapted and the common roots that both projects share it has been easy to add his developments to MiniXP. If you want to assist with developing this project then I would encourage you to follow Wonko's example and use the smaller core from Dietmar's first project.

Dietmar's notes are limited and it is unclear what he added to the registry of his first file set to include support for Diskpart. According to Dietmar, to make diskpart work the following files (and their dependencies) were required -

The answers are in the registry and I sincerely hope that they are found.