SAN Boot Windows - Windows iSCSI Software Targets

Alternative Virtual Test System Settings

This is an alternative VirtualBox setup that can be used to test iSCSI on systems with limited RAM. It does not require the same RAM resources as a test system running two virtual machines, as the Host Operating System is used to run the PXE Boot Server and iSCSI Target. This page is a brief summary of the steps required. For more detailed information and configuration file examples (for TinyPXE Server and iPXE) refer to the Virtual Test System Settings page.

VirtualBox Virtual Machine Settings > Network - set to "Attached to: Host Only Adapter" -

Check the IP address of your VirtualBox Host Only Network adapter - e.g. using the IPConfig command.

Run TinyPXE Server on the Host Operating System - ensuring that Option 54 is set to the IP address of the VirtualBox network adapter (check using ipconfig (see above)).

Consider disabling any firewall running on the Host.

Install and configure your iSCSI Target on the Host Operating System.

Start the Virtual Machine. It should connect to TinyPXE Server running on the Host Operating System.

Document date - 14th June 2019