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Kernsafe iStorage Server

Kernsafe iStorage Server - 64-bit version 6.0.1600.2280 tested. A free version is available for download (iStorage Server Free) - you will need to register for an account in order to apply for a free license. Registering for an account is relatively straightforward - at the time of writing it's possible to download a 20-day trial version without registering.

Service Name: iStorageService

Product Licence Trial Open source BIOS UEFI
32-bit 64-bit
Kernsafe iStorage Server

Version 6
Proprietary FREE Version or Trial available NO YES YES NO

This page contains the following sections -

NOTE - the screenshots in this page were captured from iStorage Server version 4.35. Version 6.0 is the most recent release at the time of writing - there do not appear to have been any significant changes in the User Interface.

Screenshot of ntoskrnl.exe error message when starting UEFI (Stage2) -

Configuring iStorage Server

The process for creating a Simple Target using a dynamic (aka Sparse, expandable) type VHD is detailed below -

Storage > Create Target (or press Ctrl+N) -

Select Hard Disk > Next > -

Select Image File > Next > -

Select Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) > Next > -

Select Create a new image file > enter filename and path (e.g. iSCSI_target1.vhd) > set the required size > select Dynamically expanding Next > -

Select Anonymous > Next > -

Set a Target Name: > Finish -

The device should now be displayed in the console window -

Could not open SAN device: Error

If you receive the following error when attempting to run the SANBOOT or SANHOOK commands in iPXE...

... try to Stop and (Re)start the service.

Consider disabling the service at start-up (tools > Service Settings... > iSCSI Service (tab) > disable "Auto start iSCSI service after windows startup") and manually starting as required.


Document date - 14th June 2019